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Karina Mae C.

My first employer was with a 74 year old disabled grandmother wherein my tasked includes activities of daily living such as, toileting, bathing, doing some rehabilitation exercises, monitoring blood pressure, administering medications, accompanying to clinic every now and then and accompanying in playing mahjong, shopping and din the restaurant. Currently, I am handling minor kid aged 5 with cancer survivor parents. Furthermore skills and experiences I have gained in my work settings, for more than 3 years, has combined with character qualities of reality, honesty and an ethic of hard works that made me fit for this role.

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Edmalyn M.

I am a person who loves children and I have a genuine love for kids. I am reliable, fun and hardworking person. I have a good understanding of the needs and abilities of children.
I worked as a full-time nanny from June 2007 to May 2008 for Mrs. Jennifer O. I took good care of her three children. I prepared and served meals to the children and organized games.
At present, I am working here in Hong Kong since May 2014 until now as a domestic helper where I am responsible in taking good care of one girl, 3 years old.

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Jyzle M.

I graduated my degree of Bachelor in Nursing at Easter College from 2006 to 2010. On the following year, I have passed the licensure examination to become a fully certified nurse.
I came to Hong Kong to work as a caregiver in 2013 up to the present in only one employer, taking care of a 71 year old elderly who has diabetes. I focused much on administering medicine, monitoring her blood pressure, accompanying her to the clinic for check up every 3 months, cooking for her meals, and housekeeping but more on companionship as she is alone in the house because all her kids are having families of their own.
I like my job and used to it as what other person should be because my employer has been very supportive and good, treating me as one of her family members.

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Rhea R.

I have worked as Nanny in Kuwait City in Middle East for 4 years from 2008 to 2012 taking care of 3 children ages 4, 2 and a newly born baby. After a while I came to Hong Kong in March of 2013 to work for a Chinese family and still working up to the present. My employer and the whole family has a good relationship with me considering that they are treating me as a part of their family.

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Roselle C.

I started working in Hong Kong since 2012 up to the present. With my 5 years of experience as a nanny, my emotional connection with the child is very strong and treated her as my own. I have the time management skills to perform the general household chores while she is having a nap. As her constant companion, I feed her nutritious food, bathing and dressing her up, tutoring and playing her from time to time.

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