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Vi-Anne L.

I started working in Hong Kong since 2011 and as with the rest of the overseas workers here in Hong Kong. With a total of 6 years of experience in childcare, I developed a very strong bond with the children and treated them as my own. I have good time- management skills to perform the general household duties and at the same time ensuring the safety of the children.

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Edwina H.

Due to my determination to work abroad, I took caregiver training for 7 months to qualify myself in working in Hong Kong as a Nanny. Luckily, I started working here from July 2011 up to the present. Here in Hong Kong, I look after 2 children: a newly born and 5 years old. In dealing with them, I have a warm caring and nurturing personality who is promoting child's physical/ mental and child development.

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Iuliia S.

I worked in Ukraine on one wonderful family 5 days a week for 1 year where I look after a 5 year old girl. After that I went to Poland there I worked almost 1 year keeping house in Warsaw. Now I'm in Israel working in family from Australia that has 6 kids: twins 2 years old,3 ,4 ,8 and 13 years old. I played with them, helped to do their homework, went for a walk, took them from the school. I like to read tales for them, to teach what is good what is bad.

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Lucinia B.

I have worked here in Hong Kong as a domestic helper for almost 3 years mainly looking after of 2 children ages 2 and 1. We have a good working relationship with my current employer and I showed them my loyalty and respect. With childcare, I am focusing most of my attention to the 2 kids aside from household routine every day. The elder child is already in school and used to send him and picked him up from school. While the younger one is always on my side while I am doing the rest of my duties like cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing clothes.

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