Find a Live-in Nanny

I am Rosalie M. 42 years old, Filipino by nationality and a native of Iloilo, Philippines. I am the second among the siblings in the family composing of 3 brothers and 2 sisters. With the inner side of the family, we are all united with all the respects and trusts to each other wherein my parents played an important role.

My life has been so simple and my parent has just been purely depending on farming and dairy products in the province. They are kind and loving who supported us with all their patience and capabilities to give us a better future. We had been raised up with humility having the spiritual standard to love God above all things and taught us to be independent and positive with everything.

With my educational backgrounds, I graduated from College leading to the degree of Bachelor in Accountancy. I decided to work in Singapore as a domestic helper taking care of an old lady who is 89 years old, the mother of my employer from 2008 to 2012. Aside from her, I performed housekeeping, meal preparation, doing laundry, ironing clothes, gardening and feeding cats and dogs.

My employer has been very kind and considerate treating me as one of their family members. The good communication we had has urging me to believe that no matter who you are, it is therefore worthwhile to give loyalty to employers for the benefits of a good working relationship. The family moved to Australia so I seek employment in Hong Kong.

I have started here from 2012 up to the present doing all around household chores and looking after of a 5 year old girl. Being a nanny for quite some time, I am very proud to say that the accomplishment we need is only based on good motivation within ourselves as long as we have the flexibility and patience in dealing with everything. Canada is one of the best places in the world.

My coming to Canada if God will permit me, will give me a better opportunity to explore myself in most distinct manner. It has an excellent and stable working condition compared with other countries. If given the chance, I am highly expecting that I can get along with my prospective employer as I am hardworking, and willing to adopt new things of improvement so that I can manage my role diligently and satisfactory.

As a married woman who has many dreams in life, I have many plans for the future that could greatly benefits my husband and my two children. If I can work in Canada, it would give me a better edge of elevation based on my struggles and positive outlooks in life.

Yours truly,

Rosalie M.

Name Rosalie T.
Age 42 year old
Country Philippines
Education Southeastern College Philippines
Training Domestic worker
Position desired Nanny
CPR / First Aid Yes / Yes
Childcare Experience Yes
Senior care Experience No
Housekeeping Experience Yes
Present work Domestic worker Hong Kong
Hobbies and Interests Cooking, baking, sewing
Languages English, Tagalog
Driver License No