Find a Live-in Nanny

I'd like to start my first letter to you with introducing myself. My name is Iuliia.I'm 27 years old and I'm finished economic college .But in the near future I will go for diploma of an interpreter. Since I speak in 4 languages and I'm really like it.

I was born in the village of Zabuzza,Wolyn region. I was raised there. Here is 2 members of my family: my mother Valentyna (47 years old). She lives in Poland (Bochnia near to Krarow),She is very kind and beautiful woman, she keeps house and working in the clothing store. My mom is good at cooking and when I'm at her house, always helping her.

Sister Olga (29 years old) she having her on family in Ukraine. She is the manager at the gas station. My father died when I was 17 years old. Although we live in different countries, we're all close.

3 years ago from Ukraine I left to Poland(to my mom),there I started to work like a housekeeper in Warsaw. Then after spending 2 years in Poland I come to Israel. In the future I'm planning to be a translator of English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian languages. Hopefully i will take a certificate of translation and will be available to work officially on this. I need to learn English little bit more, different languages I know perfectly. So it may be a good experience and practice. Also I want to develop my personality to experience authentic. Work in Canada can make lifelong friends abroad.

As for experience in caring of children and keeping the house, I would like to say that I worked in Ukraine on one wonderful family 5 days a week for 1 year. I looked after cute girl Darynka(at that time she has been 5 years old) .After that I went to Poland there I worked almost 1 year keeping house in Warsaw. Now I'm in Israel working in family from Australia where they have 6 kids: twins Shira and Tiferez(2 years old),Simha(3 years old),Sara(4 years old),Elijah(8 years old) and Jasmin (13 years old).

I spend a lot of time with children and that time was just great. I played with them, helped to do their homework, went for a walk, took them from the school. I like to read tales for them, to teach what is good what is bad. As well I prepared meal for kids and bath them.

I like an active rest: to go for a walk, visit cinema. Also I love to read. At the end I want to say that I like children very much and I'm sure they like me to. Whenever I'm with kids I feel comfortable and stop to thinking about the problems. They can make me laugh. It seems to me that children are very interesting and funny. I'm looking forward to meet you, my dear future family!
Best wishes,

Name Iuliia
Age 27 year old
Country Ukraine
Education Economic College
Training Nanny
Position desired Nanny
CPR / First Aid No / No
Childcare Experience Yes
Senior care Experience No
Housekeeping Experience Yes
Present work Nanny, Israel
Hobbies and Interests Reading classical literature, playing volleyball, running
Languages English, Polish, Ukrainian and Russian
Driver License Yes