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I am Rowena Rea, 29 years old, a Filipina and currently working in Hongkong as a domestic helper. I am a graduate of Bachelor in Nursing during the year 2009 and have passed the Philippine Licensure Examination on the same year and became a Registered Nurse on February 2010.

On October 2014 when I firstly arrived in Hong Kong, I took care of an 88 years old elderly. He was very nice and awesome widower who treated me very fairly and considers me as a part of their family. As a helper, I was responsible in taking care of the household making it clean, organized and always accessible for him.

I usually go to the do the shopping and cook healthy food for his breakfast, lunch and dinner, and do the ironing and laundry of his clothes. I was his constant companion thus accompanying him to his medical appointments or check- ups and always ensure that he's taking his maintenance oral medications as I am fully aware that forgetfulness is common for old age.

Every morning I've provided him with a newspaper to read, to keep him informed about the current events. As an overseas domestic helper, my job has caused me a lot of improvement as healthcare provider. I have learned to understand and appreciate more people from their culture and beliefs that are far from my lifestyle and personality, considering the nature of the job requires a lot of patience whether is it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This made me a responsible and dependable helper.

With regards to my past experience, I have worked in a hospital in the Philippines from January 2011 to August 2013. I've learned so many various things regarding the handling of patients and assisting on their needs, administering medications, performing catheterization, operating machine such as oxygen suction, nebulizer, ECG, etc. Being a nurse will always be into taking care of people not only because it is a profession but because this already become my passion.

I am a cheerful adventurous type of person who likes to draw, and read books or articles especially in my spare time. I would like to apply as a caregiver in Canada because I believe that it is a demanding and exciting opportunity that is outstanding match to my educational capabilities and career interest.

I would be looking forward from your family soon. Thank you for giving me some of your time and hope you will consider my application.

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Name Rowena Rea C.
Age 29 year old
Country Philippines
Education Bachelor in Nursing
Training Caregiver
Position desired Caregiver
CPR / First Aid Yes / Yes
Childcare Experience No
Senior care Experience Yes
Housekeeping Experience Yes
Present work Caregiver, Hong Kong
Hobbies and Interests computer literate, cooking, baking
Languages English, Tagalog
Driver License No