Find a Live-in Nanny

I am Lucinia Ramirez B. 38 years of age, with 1 child and a native of Anteguera in the province of Bohol. I have one brother who is also working as an Overseas Foreign Worker in Qatar Middle East. I graduated from the degree of Bachelor in Accountancy major in Finance. In addition, I have also earned a computer course. In spite of these achievements, I am looking forward to gain more experience in other countries like Canada.

I have worked here in Hong Kong as a domestic helper for almost 3 years mainly looking after of 2 children ages 2 and 1.

We have a good working relationship with my current employer and I showed them my loyalty and respect. With childcare, I am focusing most of my attention to the 2 kids aside from household routine every day. They are my bundle of joys and I treated them as my own children. With my care, they turned out to be well disciplined and very cooperative whatever instructions given to them. The elder child is already in school and used to send him and picked him up from school. While the younger one is always on my side when I am doing the rest of my duties like cleaning the entire house, cooking, washing, ironing clothes and occasionally procuring groceries.

As a mother, it is quite painful to be away from my family especially to my only child and loving husband. Although it is so sad, I need be strong and be determined with my goals to give them a better future. No matter how hard life is, I am not losing hopes that someday I can reunite with them permanently.

As a person, I am diligent, hardworking, fun loving, trustworthy, engaging and enthusiastic. I am a sport lover especially basketball. During my day off, I used to be with my close friends who are of the same province in the Philippines. I love music both classical and pop.

My husband is working in a public school and just received a meager income which is not sufficient for the family. With my income in Hong Kong, could be a great help to my loved ones back home. However I am very optimistic that I can still have more if I will find a greener pasture in Canada. I want to gain more experience and learn other cultures. I will be very grateful if I will be hired as a caregiver .I will treasure every experience and will show appreciation to manage my work in most suitable manner.

Yours truly,

Lucinia B.

Name Lucinia B.
Age 39 year old
Country Philippines
Education Bachelor of Science in Commerce
Training Domestic worker
Position desired Nanny
CPR / First Aid Yes / Yes
Childcare Experience Yes
Senior care Experience No
Housekeeping Experience Yes
Present work Domestic worker Hong Kong
Hobbies and Interests Basketball, music
Languages English, Tagalog
Driver License No