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Nanny Job Canada

Hire a Temporary Worker as an In-Home Caregiver in Canada

According to Service Canada https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/foreign-workers/caregiver.html "families can hire a foreign caregiver to provide care, in a private residence, to children, seniors or persons with certified medical needs.

1. Caregivers for children - Children under 18 years of age (Child care provider, live-in caregiver, nanny)
2. Caregivers for people with high medical needs (elderly persons, 65 years of age or over; or people with disabilities, a chronic or terminal illness)."
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Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Canada Day !

"Happy Canada Day! We love this beautiful country and today is a special day as we celebrate Canada Day, one of the happiest and multicultural country in the world. We're all free in this amazing country where dreams come true and all people are equal. We're reminded every day how lucky we are to live in the special country where all people are friendly. We are who we want to be and love who we want to love. It's the home of hockey, poutine, maple syrup and vast wilderness. So let's all come together, raise our Canadian flags up high and be proud! " - Loretta Rosales, Canada.
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Happy Birthday Canada

Happy Canada Day 150!

"Oh Canada, you mean a lot to me. You are home, you are freedom, you are family and friends and all the wonderful things you have to offer. People came here from all corners of the world. They are happy to be able to keep their traditions and to freely follow their faith and culture, to establish new friendships even with people who once been considered as foes. Canadians are people who care and respect each other despite different opinions they may have. This is Freedom. I love you Canada and I am proud to say: "I am Canadian" … Eh…" - Mary N., Canada.
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Celebrating Canada's 150th birthday.

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How Much Nannies Cost

How much do Nannies cost?

If you are looking for an experienced live-out nanny you should expect to pay on average $17/hr. Beyond the childcare, the nanny will perform housekeeping and meal preparation duties. If the nanny is a driver, she could ask for a salary above the average mentioned above. For a foreign worker the salary starts at the median wage set by the federal government. In Vancouver, the median salary for childcare is set at $11.00 per hour.
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Hiring Nanny Babysitter

Hiring a Babysitter / Nanny

If a family does not need a nanny on regular basis but only for a few hours sporadically, then a babysitter will be more appropriate then a nanny full-time. The question is where to look for a babysitter when your needs are for only a short period of time knowing that is not easy to have the same person babysitting whenever is required. One should try as many ways as possible including friends' and relatives' referrals, newspapers and bulletin board advertisements ...
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