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Letter of Agreement Nanny-Employer

The letter of Agreement Nanny-Employer states the terms you negotiate with your caregiver. In this letter you may want to pinpoint the terms that suit your family and the nanny that you want to hire.

This Agreement is entered into as of _______ between ___________(hereinafter known as Family), and_______ (hereinafter referred to as Nanny) shall be in force for one year from the date of signature of both parties. Family and Nanny hereby agree to a one-year employment commitment unless Nanny is terminated for cause. Both parties agree to give at lease two (2) weeks notice before job termination unless Nanny is terminated for cause.

Family and Nanny agree to the following conditions of employment:

  1. Employment.
  2. Employment will begin on ________ and is considered “at will”. Nanny is to provide childcare services and other duties as set forth below.
  3. Work Schedule.
  4. Nanny will provide childcare from ___ A.M. to ___ P.M., from Monday through Friday. During these hours, Nanny shall devote (his/her) entire time, attention and energies to providing care and performing other duties as listed below.
  5. Compensation.
  6. Family shall pay Nanny and Nanny hereby accepts in full payment for services:
    • An (hourly rate of _____) (monthly salary of _____) which shall be paid (weekly/bimonthly/monthly) on the _____ day(s) of (week/month).
    • Overtime compensation (specify).
    • Performance-based increase after (6 months/one year).
  7. Probationary Period.
  8. Family and Nanny agree that there shall be a probationary period of ___ days. During this period either party can terminate this Agreement by giving ___ days notice.
  9. Termination.
  10. The following are grounds for immediate termination with cause:
    • Allowing the children’s safety to be compromised
    • Inconsistent or non performance of agreed upon job responsibilities
    • Dishonesty or lying to Family
    • Stealing
    • Breach of confidentiality clause
    • Unapproved guests
    • Smoking or consumption of alcohol while on duty
    • Illegal drug use
    • Nanny’s employment under this Agreement may be terminated upon one of more of the following:
    • By Family or Nanny for due cause upon 24 hours notice. “Due cause” is defined as breach of a material term of this Agreement.
    • By Family without cause upon ___ weeks notice, or in lieu of ___ weeks notice, ___ weeks salary.
    • By Nanny upon ___ weeks notice.
    • By Nanny’s total disability or partial disability which renders Nanny unable to perform services for more than ___ weeks.
  11. Childcare responsibilities.
  12. (Choose the ones that suit you and the Nanny you hire). Nanny agrees to:
    • Put the absolute safety of the children first before all other responsibilities
    • Provide care, warmth, and security in the absence of parents.
    • Plan activities that promote physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development
    • Maintain a patient, cheerful, and helpful attitude while on duty.
    • Actively participate in the children’s special problems and interests and serve as a resource for problem solving.
    • Tend to children’s basic needs such as bathing, dressing, changing diapers, brushing teeth, and afternoon naps.
    • Administer medicine to children as directed by Family.
    • Plan and prepare nutritious snacks and meals for children during scheduled hours; clean up kitchen and dining table when completed.
    • Participate and supervise activities with children, which would include: games, walks, play dates, playground outings and reading to children daily.
    • Limit television/video and computer games to ___ minutes per day.
    • Comply with Family’s discipline and child-rearing preferences.
    • Provide reasonable flexibility in times of emergency or unexpected schedule changes.
    • Keep the children’s bedrooms and play area clean and organized; which includes making the beds, vacuuming carpet, cleaning and disinfecting toys, etc.
    • Clean children’s laundry (clothes and bed linens).
    • Use Family automobile to drive children to activities and events.
    • Meal preparation for Family.
    • Feed and care for Family pets-daily.
    • Grocery shopping.
    • Make bed- entire home.
    • Clean kitchen and empty dishwasher-daily.
    • Clean interior windows and mirrors: bi-monthly.
    • Clean, dust and vacuum entire house: bi-monthly.
    • Clean Family’s laundry-weekly.
    • Run errands – dry-cleaning, bank deposit, grocery store, etc. when necessary.
  13. CPR and First Aid.
    • Nanny agrees to complete an infant/child CPR and First Aid class prior to beginning employment or within ___ weeks of employment.
    • If Nanny does not successfully complete CPR and First Aid class, Family may terminate Nanny without severance pay or notice.
    • Family (will/will not) pay for approved CPR and First Aid class.
  14. Personal Background Check.
    • Nanny agrees to complete the official fingerprint process through British Columbia Police Department.
    • If the Personal Background Check indicates any record of criminal activity Family may terminate Nanny without severance pay or notice.
    • Family will pay for fingerprint procedure and Personal Background Check fees.
  15. Benefits.
    • Holidays.
    • Nanny shall receive the statutory holidays as paid vacation if nanny would otherwise be required to work on that day of the week.
    • Sick Days.
    • ___ days of paid sick leave will be allowed every year, accrued at the rate of ___ hours per month.
    • Vacation.
    ___ week(s) of paid vacation will be allowed every calendar year (check as applicable):
    • _______ To be coordinated with Family’s vacation
    • _______ After ____ months of employment
    • _______ Other
  16. Evaluations.
Nanny’s job performance will be evaluated by Family at the end of the first month of employment and every ___ months thereafter.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties agree that they have read and signed this Agreement as of the day and year written above.

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