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Nannies Salary Increase Starting September 15, 2017

In 2017, nannies in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a median wage of $11/hour, working in a full-time position earned $440.00 weekly or $22,880.00/year.

Starting September 15th, 2017 the minimum wage in BC will be raised by 50 cents an hour to $11.35.The minimum wage across BC was set at $10.85 per hour by the previous government.

With the new increase a live-in nanny will earn $454.00/week (for 40 hours working week in 5 working days) or $23,608/year.

Overtime work will remain as before at 1.5x the regular rate: 11.35 x 1.5 = $17.03 per hour.

If the nanny is on duty beyond 3 hours of overtime on the same day, the hourly rate should be calculated at the 2 x the regular hourly rate.

nanny Vancouver salary increase

Also, working on statutory holiday, the hourly is to be calculated at 1.5 x the regular rate for the first 8 working hours. In addition to this rate, the employer must give his employee a day off at the regular pay rate to compensate for the extra working day.

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