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How much do Nannies cost?

If you are looking for an experienced live-out nanny you should expect to pay on average $17/hr. Beyond the childcare, the nanny will perform housekeeping and meal preparation duties. If the nanny is a driver, she could ask for a salary above the average mentioned above.

For a foreign worker nanny the salary starts at the median wage set by the federal government. In Vancouver, the median salary for childcare is set at $11.00 per hour.

Also, in order to hire a foreign worker you'll have to pay Service Canada $1,000.00 processing fee for your LMIA application to engage a foreign worker. Keep in mind that if for any reason the employment of the foreign worker will be discontinued, Service Canada processing fee will be applicable again in order to process your application for the new nanny.

Here are a few examples of median wages in Canada:

  • Vancouver, British Columbia - $11.00/hr.
  • Vancouver Island, British Columbia - $10.85/hr.
  • Calgary Region, Alberta - $15.00/hr.
  • Edmonton Region, Alberta - $12.20
  • Toronto Region - $11.54/hr.
  • Ottawa Region - $11.54/hr.

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