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Salary for a Live-in Nanny

The salary range for nannies has grown considerably in the last year due to higher demand for childcare. As the economy grows, the demand for workers grows in all sectors and caregivers are no different than any. The minimum wage set by the provincial government in British Columbia has not changed in the last few years ($11 per hour), so it is quite rare to find good experienced nannies accepting this rate.

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Only a few recent arrivals to Canada, with no previous experience, are willing to work (as live-in) at this rate and their numbers are dwindling daily.

Since the market place is the main factor deciding salaries, you have to consider a more attractive compensation package for your nanny, if you want to engage a good care provider.

Beyond the hourly rate paid, you may have to consider some additional benefits like medical/dental insurance, covering transportation costs, extra holidays and others.

Be prepared to negotiate if you want the best care available for you loved ones.


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