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How often should I pay my nanny!

All nannies must be paid on weekly, bi-weekly or semimonthly basis (at least twice a month). Nanny salary, including overtime pay, must be paid within eight days after the end of the pay period or within a pay period not to exceed 16 days.

Wages can be paid in cash, cheque, bank draft, money order, or, by direct depositto the employee's bank account (must be authorized in writing by the employee). All payments must be in Canadian currency.

 Paying a Nanny in BC

On paydays, the employer must give the nanny a written wage statement for the pay period, which includes the following information:
  • The employer's name and address;
  • The hours worked by the nanny;
  • The nanny's wage and overtime rates
  • The hours worked at the overtime rate(s);
  • Any money, allowance or other payment the nanny is entitled to(vacation pay or statutory holiday)
  • The amount and purpose of each deduction;
  • The nanny's gross and net wages;

A wage statement must be a document separate from a nanny's pay cheque, so that it can be kept by the employee if desired.

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